Student Loans Company

We developed and are currently delivering a modular leadership development programme for the Student Loans Company (SLC) to help it to deliver its Mission and achieve its Vision during a period of transformational change, by enhancing leadership practice and developing a community of leaders throughout the Company.

We have designed the programme for some 120 senior and middle managers. Their learning journey takes them through three modules focusing on leading the business, leading self and leading others, complemented by business-focused assignments, challenge and support groups, 360-degree feedback and personality profiling using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The programme was designed through extensive consultation with middle and senior managers including internal SLC Learning Academy staff and other learning and development, OD and change specialists. It is sponsored by the CEO and has the full support of the Executive Leadership Team.

The programme is interactive, flexible and action-focused, with a minimum of theory. Our focus throughout is on enabling individual participants as well as teams, departments and the Company as a whole to align everyone with the mission and vision, live the company’s values, explore ways of adding value for customers and stakeholders and manage transformational change.

Programme roll-out and initial evaluation has recently started with senior managers before moving out to middle managers over the coming eighteen to twenty-four months.

Client quotes
‘Excellence in leadership will be critical to our success in delivering our mission and achieving our vision through a process of major transformational change. To help us manage this transformation, we are working closely with Peoplematters to design and deliver this important leadership programme and have found them to be highly committed to understanding our needs and the unique nature of our operations, and delivering a programme that meets these needs and those of our managers and leaders.’

Lynn Rodgers
Learning & Development Manager


Participant quotes
‘I thought this course was the best of its kind that I have attended. This is because it was tailored as we went along to keep it relevant and to make the best use of the time available. It achieved a degree of bonding within the group that had not happened previously. I think this was because the facilitators genuinely wanted to facilitate, rather than to teach theory.
I really enjoyed working with my peers and feel a lot of ‘teambuilding’ was achieved too.’

Senior management participant. April 2014

‘I found the leadership programme really stimulating, thought provoking and interesting. There was so much in the course and so much to think about that I am sure there is material to fuel many years of development. The way you facilitated the course was excellent and your expertise was a large part of why the course was so valuable’.

Middle manager participant, January 2015