Swire Oilfield Services

Developing leaders to support a fast growing company
Swire Oilfield Services recognised that to achieve their ambitious growth plans they would need to recruit new blood and grow their own people in line with their brand values.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with them on this fast paced journey from a North Sea centric operation with 450 employees and a turnover of £100m to their current position of global market leader approaching 1000 employees and on target to a £250m turnover by 2016. And it doesn’t stop there!

Our involvement has been and continues to be multi-faceted and we are proud to have played our part in helping the business to win the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Northern Star ‘Commitment to People Development Award’. Our activities include:

• A unique inclusive 12 day leadership development programme where leaders at all levels (from charge hand to senior management team) work together to learn, share and develop their capability. The programme focuses on increasing self-awareness, developing awareness of others and creating a leadership culture that reflects the Swire Values. The programme has changed and evolved in line with the growth of the company and is now delivered in two one week blocks with participants from Africa, Norway and the UK working together to recognise the complexity of leading in a global environment

• A challenging 18 month programme that equips those identified as the business leaders of the future with the confidence and capability they need to drive the company’s continual change and ongoing success. The programme is designed to ensure learning is practical and relevant to business needs with participants learning through live business issues and delivery of projects. All of this is supported by one to one coaching, action learning and a series of leadership learning forums covering a variety of topics clustered around leading self, leading the business and leading others

• A comprehensive change management programme to support the effective implementation of a new ERP system and delivered to all operating companies in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe

• Team development programmes and events ranging from initial teambuilding with newly created and project specific teams to working closely with senior teams to explore and enhance team climate, culture and performance.

Client quote
‘Peoplematters is playing a vital role in developing our staff and processes. Their professional attitude, but more important their ability to create and adapt bespoke service solutions delivered under our company umbrella and logo, gives Peoplematters a status of being something more than a supplier. Not just being a supplier gives Peoplematters a global audience with a high degree of integrity and trust, very much in line with our company values.’

Dag Rune Gabrielsen
Group HR Manager

‘To say the programme has changed the way I conduct my business in the Great Yarmouth base is such an understatement. I have learnt and put into practise, so many things from my training that I could not mention them all. My whole approach to management has changed. Our communications are better than they have ever been. My approach to managing people has possibly been the biggest achievement. I continue to use my documents as guides, and improving my skills on a weekly basis. A big thank you to Peoplematters and Swire Oilfield Services, for giving me this opportunity.’

Steven Mills
Great Yarmouth Base Manager