What a weekend!
on June 5, 2015in News

What a way to spend a weekend!

A big shout out to Physis Training for the great two-day workshop on Transactional Analysis (TA101) that Shona, Angela and I participated in last weekend, and particularly to Barbara for facilitating it in such a professional manner. We’ve been using TA for many years now at Peoplematters as part of the range of respected models and frameworks we use with clients, and the workshop helped us to revisit some of the basics as well as giving us excellent food for thought on some of its deeper meanings. As most people working in OD and related fields will know, TA is a complex subject, but Barbara led us through it expertly and patiently and brought it to life in a way that had the group reflecting, learning and having great fun all at the same time. Highly recommended. Thanks to Barbara and Rachel from Physis – great working with you both.

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