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on June 30, 2015 in News

OD and the path to true enlightenment

OD professionals need to be flexible, yes?

Yes! Common sense tells us that taking a flexible approach, rather than always sticking to the rules and insisting that everyone gets exactly the same treatment, is a ‘good thing’ because it makes for healthier working relationships and lower stress for all concerned. Of course this can cause consternation on Planet OD as leaders invent their own special ways of being flexible, which might not always be in the organisation’s best interests. But there is hope. Yoga.

Yoga is experiencing possibly its greatest-ever global surge. A recent mass yoga class set a new Guinness world record with almost 36,000 participants in one venue representing people from 84 countries. The practice is increasingly popular as a lifestyle choice and in the workplace, and India has set the bar particularly high by appointing its first Minister for Yoga.

But why is OD always at the coo’s tail with innovations like this? Especially when the possibilities seem so endless? For a start, the vogue for job titles like Director of Talent and such is already somewhat passé, so why don’t we try Director of Yoga instead? A bit more appealing don’t you think? Surely this simple change of language would bring about a shift in thinking, making the work of OD (now YD) all the more rewarding and stressless? ‘Sorry, I’m afraid Jane the YD isn’t available at the moment – she’s in the meditation suite visualising the new rewards policy on her Mexican yoga blanket’.

Essential qualities for such an important role would include highly developed self-awareness combined with razor-sharp analytical skills (all in ready supply of course) not to mention the ability to conduct a disciplinary inquiry as Bird of Paradise in a TM Lewin business suit. The only real challenge is knowing where to start. Where, for example, will we find a selection panel with the ability to ask competency-based questions while taking turns in Half-moon, Warrior and Dolphin? Any good ideas?

Norrie Gilliland
June 2015

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