Well Done Team IIP Scotland
on June 8, 2015in News

Well Done Team IIP Scotland

Congratulations to everyone at IIP Scotland for organising ‘Outperformance’, their first Scottish conference and a sell-out event at the Emirates stadium in Glasgow on 4 June 2015. Well done in particular for attracting several excellent speakers including no less than David Marquet, whose recent book ‘Turn the Ship Around’ tells how a handful of simple but powerfully symbolic changes can have a massive impact on ways of working and produce major performance gains.

He told us how, as the newly-appointed Commander of the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe – the worst-performing sub in the US fleet – he flew in the face of Navy indoctrination to transform the behaviours of his management team and the entire crew. This rather risky process started at the top, with his insistence that his senior managers stop asking for his permission to take actions and decisions that were clearly within their range of expertise but which protocol required they clear with him. By simply changing their language from ‘Commander may I…?’ to ‘Commander I intend to…’ he encouraged his people to bring their best ideas for further discussion as necessary. His talk and book provide essential food for thought, drawing on the simplest of ideas that any senior manager or leader would do well to adopt.

Well done team IIPS. Let’s have more.

Norrie Gilliland
5 June 2015


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