Building Teams

Building Teams
Team Development
Team development is focused on enabling the whole to become greater than the sum of the parts. Whether local, global, self-directed or virtual, there is an immense amount of ‘teaming’ in organisations. But are you getting the returns you expect from your teams?

We can help develop the performance of your teams through our careful preparation, targeted diagnostics, innovative and engaging solutions and ongoing support.

We design interventions in:
* Team dynamics – Using powerful psychometrics and theories to build the tolerance and understanding needed for collaborative working and moving beyond conflict
* Team working – Designing high impact powerful learning experiences ranging from challenging outdoor adventure activities to community projects that benefit all involved
* Team planning – Working on live issues to develop the team purpose, vision, values, roles, processes and action plan.

Where appropriate our interventions are supported by powerful diagnostics such as JCA Team EI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and TypeMapping.


Team Coaching
In today’s world organisations need high performing leadership teams.

At Peoplematters we bring together the best of coaching, consultancy and team development approaches so that we can offer an extended relationship over time to help teams work, relate and learn better together.

All teams are similar and different – as a result, our process is consistent but the coaching journey will be different for every team.
Our goal is to help teams reach their potential by gaining clarity and excellence in each of the five disciplines outlined in Peter Hawkins (Professor of Leadership at Henley Management College) model of Successful Team Practice.

Where appropriate, the team coaching process is supported by a range of proprietary tools including: JCA Team Effectiveness, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and TypeMapping.