Improving Organisational Culture and Capability

Improving Organisational Culture and Capability
You know an outstanding organisation when you see one. It feels like an exciting place to work, there’s a feeling of pride throughout the workforce and an atmosphere of trust and respect that creates clarity of purpose, confidence in approach and excellence in product and service delivery. But how do you create the energy and focus that drives this culture and climate?

By adopting an inclusive approach and using powerful diagnostics such as the cultural web and focus groups, we can help you to:
*  Understand the gap between your current and desired culture
*  Design and implement your culture change programme
*  Communicate your vision, mission and values
*  Embed your values in a way that influences ‘how things are done around here’.

We enhance organisational capability by helping you to:
*  Develop talent management strategies
*  Design and implement competency frameworks
*  Develop performance management systems
*  Undertake training needs analysis
*  Develop evaluation metrics.