About Angela…

Why did I become a coach?  Whilst working as Financial Controller at Reebok, all senior managers were trained by Sir John Whitmore in ‘coaching for performance’. I immediately saw the enormous benefits both for my team and individuals to help them achieve their potential. It was a supportive way to help develop my team as well as handle performance issues. I also adopted team coaching to focus my team on achieving our objectives and becoming the Best in Class team within Reebok.

After leaving my role of International Finance Director for the Ellesse brand, and having an amazing experience with a coach, I trained with The Coaching Academy. I find coaching is an incredible way to allow people to discover their own talents, solutions and let them take responsibility for their own lives which is incredibly empowering for them; and a great privilege for the coach.

What is it like to be coached by me?  My priority is to create an open and honest relationship with clients so that they feel safe to explore both personal and business issues. I believe that we all have innate wisdom within, and part of my role is to help clients reach their potential by tapping into that wisdom. I am challenging, compassionate and clients always learn a lot about themselves which they find incredibly empowering.

What qualifies me to be a Business Coach?  I have over 20 years experience in the Boardroom, a coaching qualification from The Coaching Academy, and many years experience coaching senior executives and MDs to achieve personal and business success. I also believe in CPD and am currently studying for an MSc in Mindfulness with Aberdeen University. I am currently coaching 5 Directors in a range of organisations in mindful leadership.

What do not a lot of people know about me?  I have a motley collection of certificates on my study wall… from getting to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro; my PADI Certificate, Grade 2 Piano exams; becoming a mentor to young people in care and a volunteer at Saughton prison.

Contact details for Angela:
M: 07714 323968
E: [email protected]